Alignment Editor

GeneStudio's Alignment editor allows you to create, edit, and display multiple alignments of DNA and amino acid sequences.  In addition, the Alignment editor has a convenient interface to phylogenetic analysis programs, such as TREE-PUZZLEfastDNAml, and selected programs from the PHYLIP package (DNADIST/NEIGHBOR, DNAML, DNAPARS including SEQBOOT and CONSENSE).  An interface to the popular TreeView phylogenetic tree display and editing program is also provided.  Like all other GeneStudio Pro components, the Alignment editor has the main component window, the File list and specific viewers for this component.  You may load sequences into the Alignment editor by using the Open button on the toolbar, the File/Open menu item, by dragging the files from the File list or from Windows Explorer.  You may use GeneStudio’s interface to the GenBank Entrez utility and import sequences into the Alignment editor directly from GenBank.