Contig editor

GeneStudio's Contig editor is a tool for the assembly and editing of contigs from automatic DNA sequencer trace files.

The Contig editor's features include:

  • User-friendly display of aligned traces for easy visual editing.
  • Automatically generated consensus sequence that is updated as you edit.
  • Highlighted ambiguous columns with red sequence symbols.
  • Ambiguity finder for rapidly locating and resolving conflicts.
  • Translation feature with choices of reading frames to guide editing.
  • Built-in BLAST interface that allows easy submission of consensus sequence to the BLAST server (read more).
  • Integrated Viewers provide views of the data, including:
    • Sequence list used to select sequences for assembly.
    • Contig list used to navigate between open contigs and sequences.
    • Map view displays a graphical representation of contig fragments.
    • Trace view displays the unedited trace for viewing and printing.
    • Pretty view displays the contig as an alignment for viewing, printing and copying to a word processor.