GeneStudio, Inc.

We are a software company developing modern, intelligent, user-friendly, and affordable programs for molecular biologists.  All of our programs are now available free of charge.  To install our programs, please see our download page.

GeneStudio Professional

GeneStudio™ Pro is our Molecular Biology Suite.
(Latest version: released December 8, 2011) Featuring:

  • SeqVerter™ - a sophisticated sequence viewer and converter
  • Alignment editor with integrated phylogenetic analysis and tree viewing
  • Contig assembly and editing
  • Advanced custom Internet interfaces to the GenBank® database BLAST and Entrez utilities (read the NCBI disclaimer and copyright information)

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SeqVerter Alignment Editor Contig editor


GSTreeis our advanced tree viewing and manipulation software.  

  • Drag and drop labels
  • In place label editing
  • Edit line thickness and color
  • Click to rotate branches
  • Select phyologram, cladogram and unrooted tree display
  • Tabbed view of files containing multiple trees

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GSTree - Tree phylogenetic tree drawing software GSTree - Tree phylogenetic tree drawing software GSTree - Tree phylogenetic tree drawing software

SeqVerter™ - standalone version

The standalone version of SeqVerter is our free sequence file format conversion utility.

(Latest version: released December 2011)

This intuitive drag-and-drop utility converts single or multiple sequence files into many formats and offers advanced processing options. SeqVerter has been chosen as a standard Windows utility by many research and educational centers replacing older, command line-based programs. SeqVerter 2.x is fully compatible with East Asian versions of Windows.

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SeqVerter Stand Alone