SeqVerter™ - standalone version

SeqVerter™ is a free sequence file format conversion utility by GeneStudio, Inc. SeqVerter encapsulates a small subset of the features offered by the GeneStudio™ Pro suite of programs. While the standalone SeqVerter is a simple dialog-based utility, the free SeqVerter component of the GeneStudio Pro suite adds sophisticated viewers and sequence formatting functions, including a viewer for automatic DNA sequencer chromatogram files (traces).  SeqVerter 2.x is fully compatible with East Asian versions of Windows.
(Latest version: released December  2011)

NOTE: SeqVerter is now distributed with the free GeneStudio Pro.  To install SeqVerter, please download the GeneStudio installer.  The installer allows you to selectively install just SeqVerter, or all the GeneStudio programs.

Standalone SeqVerter features and functions:

Advanced sequence file format conversion

  • Open sequences from multiple source files simultaneously
  • View sequences
  • Select a subset of sequences for conversion
  • Merge sequences from different source files into one multiple sequence file
  • Split sequences from multiple sequence files into individual (single) sequence files
  • Trim ends of automatic sequencer-generated files
  • Set your favorite default output format
  • Enter file headers required by the GenBank sequence submission and update tool, SequIn.

Advanced editing functions of PHYLIP format files for molecular phylogeny analysis

  • Flush ends of alignment files
  • Compress alignments (delete empty columns)
  • Delete alignment columns containing gaps (de-gap)
  • Delete alignment columns containing nonstandard characters (e.g., unresolved bases)
  • Easily remove a single species (sequence) or several species from the alignment and from the analysis

File format compatibility

  • Read: ABI traces (*.abi and *.ab1), CLUSTAL, DCSE, DNASIS, DNAStar (LaserGene), DNAStrider (including binary), EMBL, FASTA, GDE, GenBank, IBI/Pustell, Macaw, MSF, Nexus/PAUP, PHYLIP Interleaved, PIR/NBRF, SCF 2.0 and SCF 3.0 traces, Swiss-Prot, and TreeCon.
  • Write: CLUSTAL, DNASIS, DNAStar (LaserGene), FASTA, FASTA (Strict), and FASTA (SequIn), GenBank, IBI/Pustell, MSF, Nexus/PAUP, PHYLIP Interleaved, and TreeCon. Full export and import compatibility with Mac, PC, and UNIX text file formats.