Exporting automatic sequencer trace files

SeqVerter allows you to trim the 5' and 3' ends of automatic sequences trace file data on export.  Trimming is performed using the Trace file processing dialog box, which is displayed when you export a trace file.

To export trace files:

  • Select sequences for export and use Merge sequences or Split sequences to set export options.
  • The Trace file dialog box will be displayed.  This dialog box displays the sequence data, and options for processing.
  • Set 5' end processing options:
    • Select the Trim 5' end check box to enable 5' end processing.
    • Enter a fixed cut-off position for in the Cut-off field 5' end trimming.
  • Set 3' end processing options:-
    • Select the Trim 3' end check box to enable 3' end processing.
    • To use a fixed cut-off position, select the Fixed cut-off checkbox, and enter a position in the Cut-off field.
    • To scan for an optimal cut-off potion, select the Automated cut-off checkbox, and enter the desired window size and number of N's to scan for.
  • Press Apply. The trimmed bases at the 5' and 3' ends will displayed in gray.
  • Press OK to continue.


  • If the Trace file processing dialog box is not displayed, you can enable it using the Dialogs tab in the Options dialog box.  See Setting options for more information.
  • Trimming does not affect the original trace file.