Exporting to multiple sequence files

SeqVerter allows you to merge the Sequences in the Sequence selection list into new, multiple-sequence files.

To export sequences to multiple sequence file formats:

  • Select sequences for export by clicking the checkbox next to the sequence name, or press Select all to export all open sequences.
  • Press Merge sequences.  The standard windows Save as dialog box will be displayed.
  • Enter a name for the saved file in the File name field.
  • Choose the file format from the File format list.
  • Choose the desired operating system from the drop-down OS Targets list.
  • Press OK to continue.
  • The Export results dialog box will be displayed with a summary of the file written.


  • If you are exporting to an alignment file format, the Alignment options dialog box will be displayed.  See Exporting to alignment file formats for more information.
  • If you are exporting an automatic sequencer trace file, the Trace file processing dialog box will be displayed.  See Exporting automatic sequencer trace filesfor more information.
  • For help with the Save as dialog box, see your Windows help file.

For more information on formats, please read the 'Sequence file format notes'